Vasiliev's stonecutting workshop.

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    In our collection there are more than 60 spheres out of different stones from 28 mm to 16 sm in diameter. We are the oldest and the biggest producers of this kind of production in Nizhny Tagil, and the quality of the production is one of the best in the Sverdlovsk district. This kind of stonecutting production was hardly ever produced in the former Soviet Union, except for a few-parties of spheres out of white marble and charoite made for exporting. Such articles began to appear at the stonecutting market only in the post-soviet time. In 1993 our workshop made its first spheres out of rhodonite for exporting, and in the following year - for inner market as well. From the very beginning we decided to keep exhibitional samples for ourselves and create a collection of spheres. В нашей коллекции насчитывается более 60 шаров из различных камней размером от 28 мм до 16 см в диаметре. В Нижнем Тагиле, мы самые старые и самые крупные производители этой продукции, а качество изготовления одно из лучших в Свердловской области. В Советском Союзе этот вид каменной продукции практически не выпускался, если не считать отдельные партии шаров из белого мрамора и чароита на экспорт. Только в постсоветское время эти изделия стали появляться на камнерезном рынке. В 1993 году наша мастерская изготовила первые шары из родонита на экспорт, а в следующем году, и для внутреннего рынка. Сразу же мы стали оставлять для себя выставочные экземпляры и создавать коллекцию шаров.
    What are the spheres remarkable for? Why are the customers interested in this production? Is the usage of the spheres multifunctional? They are used as small architectural forms in decoration of interiors - living rooms and studies of different firms and offices. As a rule, sphere of a big size are used for these purposes - from 10 to 20 sm in diameter, of bright colour and with different patterns: malachite, jasper, rhodonite, agate, obsidian, datalite skarn, fluorite, charoite, graphic granite, nephrite, listvenite, serpentine marble. Collection spheres. Spheres for compositing collections by those who are fond of stones. Spheres are made out of any kind of stone. The size of the sphere depends on the size of the raw material block. In our collection they are more often than not spheres out of rocky crystal, citrine and rauchtopas with the inclusion of crystal epidote, calcite, rutile and gersgorfite. Such spheres are very nice esthetically, rare and highly valued.
    Curing spheres. As is well - known, minerals and rocks are permanently interacting with invironment. It turns out, that there can be an exchange of information between a person and a stone, and there do exsist objective signs of such informational exchange. The stone on the level of thin structures can influence the physical condition of a person, improving it or even helping to cure an illness. The inner energy of the stone depicts inself the strongest way in the form of a sphere, as it is an ideal geometry form which does not only do any harm, but improves this phenomenon.
    Unfortunately, the Russian market is full of a great number of cheap spheres out of crystal glass or artificial quartz, which have nothing in common with real rocky crystal. It is impossible to till the difference between them and natural rocky crystal spheres without special investigations. Specialists of non - traditional treatment widely use spheres of jasper and nephrite. Spheres of jasper are said to have the biggest curing effect. Extrasensors confirm that spheres of jasper make the heart merry, improve the memory, relieve women's, sufferings, cure stomach sickness. Spheres of green jasper improve heart, sight and stomach. Beside curing effect spheres make a person unconquerable and brave, prevent a person from misfortunes, bring happiness to the family. Nephrite spheres help at childbirth, cure kidney disease, add to the long life.

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