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Have a look.

Have a look.

    Rhodonite - "orletz" ("The Eagle - stone").

    There is a remarkable semiprecious stone of red colour in the Urals which we are definitely proud of, a stone of great decorative meaning - it is the rhodonite.In the middle of the XVIII century in 20 kilometers from Ekaterinburg, near the village of Maloe Sidelnikovo a rich deposit of this wonderful pink - red stone was discovered and called "orletz" ("The eagle stone") by the local inhabitants. None of the world deposits (Sweden, USA, Australia) could ever compete with this one. For more than 150 years large blocks of this beautiful semipresious stone rohich weighed up to 47 tons have been extracted from the Sidelnikovo deposit.
     Rhodonite is a silicate of manganese, formed under special conditions on the contact of magma with rocks, rich in manganese. Deposits of pure mineral rhodonite are fen and rare and in stone - carving business a sort of rhodonite rock "orletz" is used, which consists of a large number of different manganese minerals. The colour of the "orletz" is pink, cherry - pink or raspberry-pink, sometimes purplish. Being mostly nontransparent it is in fact finely translucent, which adds to its depth and peculiar bright colour. In large blocks of "orletz" extraordinary nice "nests" can occur - of bright red colour looking like rubies.
    A special peculiarity of "orletz" are dark - black veins of oxides of manganese, forming a complicated ornament of needles, grasses and tree - branches, on the pink or cherry - pink background of the stone.
    In should be born in mind, that at the present moment the Sidelnikovo rhodonite deposit is completely worked out. What is more, rhodonite has already been extracted out of the stags and waste - heaps around the quarry, and the quarry it self has been recultivated. On the place where the quarry and the stags used to be there is a field now.

    The grory of the Sidelnikovo rhodonite is all in the past. Those small stocks of this stone are still kept in different workshops, they are gradually coming to an end too. So articles out of Sidelnikovo rhodonite will soon become unique.
    We have used rhodonite for several years, which made it possible to create a collection of rhodonite articles: a table, a fire - place, a clock, candle - stands, caskets, spheres and so on.

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