Vasiliev's stonecutting workshop.

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  Florentine mosaic

  Small plastic forms:::
  "Ognevushka - Poskakushka"
  "Legend about Artamonov"
  "Princess frog"


  Fire - place



    "Ognevushka - Poskakushka". When on a hiking tour in the mountains or in the forest for picking up the raw stone material my friends and I usually had a rest at the fire in the evening, the image of "Ognevushka - Poskakushka" often came to my mind, the image of a girl dancing on the fire, created by P.P. Bazhov. "On the place of the fire only hot coals remained but the gold-miners were still sitting looking at the coals. Then all of a sudden a tiny girl jumped out of the very middle. Looks like a doll, but a real one. Her hair was read, she was wearing a blue dress and waving a handkerchief in her hand The girl looked around with her merry eyes, her teeth sparkled, she put her hands on the hips, waved her handkerchief and began to dance." The basement of the composition is made of a polished plate, which consists of chalcopyrite and magnetite.
    In the center of the composition "Ognevushka-Poskakushka" a figure of a girl dancing merrily, she is wearing a dress out of agate - "perelivt". An agate handkerchief is waving, and the girl's red hair with golden sparkles out of aventurine is waving too, jasper eyes are looking bright and merry. The coals of the fire are dying into black-crystals of pyrope, and behind the girl the last tongues of flame are burning flying in the whirlwind of the dance - bright, scarlet and purple flashes of rhodonite. In this work the legend and the Ural presious stone are joined together.

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