Vasiliev's stonecutting workshop.

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  Florentine mosaic

  Small plastic forms:::
  "Ognevushka - Poskakushka"
  "Legend about Artamonov"
  "Princess frog"


  Fire - place



    "Princess frog". ("Tsarevna-frog") "Ivan-tsarevich shot an arrow. The arrow flew across the tsar's yard, arcoss the green meadow to the secret forest - noone ever saw that arrow. Ivan - tsarevich went trough the tsar's yard, he went through the green meadow, and he entered the dark forest. Among the thick forest there was an unsteady swamp, and in that swamp a frog - "kvakushka" was sitting, holding the arrow in her paws." The lines from that fairy-tale served for the creation of this not very complicated composition. The beauty and elegance of the composition "Tsarevna - frog" is expressed through the combination of the form and colour of the layers of Tagil malachite, out of which the frog is carved with the form and colour of the lily-pad (out of dark green nephrite).

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