Vasiliev's stonecutting workshop.

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  Florentine mosaic
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  Fire - place




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    Fire - place.

    The central place in our exhibitional complex is devoted to the fire-place set. It consist of an electric fire-place, a mirror, a clock and a pair of candle-stands. As far as the art style is concerned, this fire-place set - an electric one - is a mixture of 2 styles - the Russian classic style of the middle of the XIX-th century and the modern style of the early XX-th century. The thing is that architectural shapes of the fire - place, mirror, clock and candle-stands and the way the decorative elements are located - Speak about the classic decision, at the same time the very elements and their details have more often than not features of the modern style. The same, modern style can be seen in the choice of colour too. On the calm white marble background there are large elements of rhodonite which colour diverts not only in different articles, but in the large details of one and the same article, like the way we can see on the mirror - frame or on the settings of the fire-place. It should, be noted, that the decorative elements of the set are based on the example of the famous Kasly cast-iron pavilion.

     The decorative elements of this pavilion were greatly changed and as a result several new elements were worked out, the stone flowers, is one of them. It can be seen in the central part of the mirror frame, on the fire - place grating and in the decoration of the fire - place, on the candle-stands. The fire - place set is made out of coelga marble. The rhodonite is of different tones: pink, red, purple - from the deposit of Sedelnikovo. For making decoration details leadless bronze was used, which is very complicated in smelting and hard in working, but with nice red tone. In a short time it naturally accrued the tone similar to the old gold - gilded bronze.

  •   At the present time we do not deal with bronze - casting, but we do make electric fire - places and decorate operating fire- places according to individual projects.

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