Vasiliev's stonecutting workshop.

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  Florentine mosaic
  Small plastic forms


  Fire - place




"Chusovaya River"

"Winter village"


    "Florentine mosaic".

   Mosaic of coloured stones is one of the most ancient kinds of art which exsisted since the times far before our era. According to the technology of manufacturing mosaics are divided into Alexandrian, Roman, Russian and Florentine kids. The most complicated of them is the Florentine one.

    In Florence masters made mosaic articles from ancient times, but only by the end of the XVI century a peculiar technique was created by the local masters and brought glory to that city. The best workshop belonged to the family of Great Duke Medici. Its glorious traditions have preserved to our days and are nowadays used in the practice work of mosaic craftsmen all over the world. The artistic effect of the Florentine mosaic is based on the delicate choice and combination of stones with various tints of colours and the maximal use of the stones' natural ornaments. Thin stone plates are shaped according to the sketch of a thing and then are stuck closely to one another.

    Mosaic stone pictures possess one of the most valuable qualities - they are everlasting in time, as the colour of the stone doesn't fade, lose it's brightness or fall like paint. The history - writer of Italian art of the Renaissance period Visari noted: "A worthy mosaic must be devined by its clear forma ion, gradual use of pale to dark tints. When looked upon at the distance it should look a painting, not an incrustation".

  •   In our exhibitional collection we have several pictures made in the technique of the Florentine mosaic. There are the Ural landscapes: The Chusovaya River", "Winter village", "Bullfinch". Various stones were used at manufacturing these pictures: Tagil pink and brown marble, white and grey marble, serpentine, dolomite, ofiocalcite, azurite, rhodonite.

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