Тагильский поднос
торговые знаки - НТЦНПР и Тагильский поднос, защищены в ФГБУ ФИПС, Роспатент

Vasiliev's stonecutting workshop.

Нижнетагильский центр народных промыслов и ремесел

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  Florentine mosaic
  Small plastic forms


  Fire - place



View of Nizhny Tagil. Have a look.

    The stonecutting workshop is founded in 1991 in Nizhny Tagil, on the territory of the old Demidov's plant for producing decorative stone articles.
    The stonecutting workshop has mastered the production of more than 100 types of decorative stone things: fire - places, mantelpieces, electric fire - places, tabletops, clocks, spheres, candle - stands, caskets, ashtrays, writing sets, knives, eggs, plackets and so on.

    Our craftsmen follow and develop the traditions of the Ural art of stonecutting. They create unique articles of high quality out of gems and semiprecious stones: complicated genre compositions with figures of persons and animals, flower out of gems and semiprecious stones in Faberge's style, pictures in the technique of the "Florentine mosaic".
    The stonecutting workshop uses various kinds of semiprecious stones in its production: jasper (different tones of brown red colour, green and blackish - blue), malachite, rhodonite, charoite, nephrite, agate, "perelivt" - agate, carnelian, cachalong, avanturine, chrisoprase, rocky crystal, icy quarts, morion, obsidian, graphic granite (jewdish stone), serpentine, marble and so on.
    You'll see the beauty of the Ural gems and articles out of them. You'll learn about some professional secrets and reasons for making unique articles. You'll also learn about the historical roots of this cultural phenomenon in the Urals.

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